Version 6.0.0 of ARLAS WUI Now Available

This release comes with three major features

1- Specify the number of buckets in your histograms
Before this release, it was only possible to configure a fixed interval for your histograms. Which leads, sometimes, by applying different filters in the analytics board, to a coarse representation.

Speed over ground histogram with a fixed interval of 2 knots

From now on, it is possible to specify a number of buckets in your histograms. This means that the interval between buckets is permanently adjusted to meet, at best, your representation needs.

Speed over ground histogram configured with 20 buckets. The interval in the left figure is 2 knots; it’s equal to 1 knot after applying filters on other widgets (right figure)


2- Highlight geometries in the map
Geometries on the map are now highlighted/selected when you hover/select its correspondent row on the list.

The style of the highlighted/selected features is configurable.


3- Set colors of the donut arcs
Finally, it is now possible, through the configuration file, to set the colors of the donuts’ arcs


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