Big Data exploration solution

You are about to watch the video using ARLAS® for AIS data (ship positions). This data comes from the Danish Maritime Authority that is used in accordance with the conditions for the use of Danish public data.

It focus on boat data around Denmark (45 millions of ship positions) for more than 4 days in April 2018 (from April 4th to 8th).

With this video, you can see how to enable / disable different interactive analytical components. Each widget acts on a specific setting and the map updates instantly.

By changing the settings of each widget you find new values on your dataset.

You want to go beyond the data, explore and analyze? Go to the live demo to see in real time the efficiency of ARLAS® Geo Big Data solution!

With analytics widgets, you’ll filter billions of data points on a map, fast, very fast. It’s up to you to find the boats that fish, the ones that are stopped, the ones that make the shuttles, the ones that change their trajectory, …

Play with the different widgets settings to see ARLAS® performance and see the map updates in real time, with remarkable fluidity!

Do you find new values ?