09 April 2020
Automatic exploration and classification of behaviours of migratory birds with ARLAS

    To better understand animal behaviour, many researchers are equipping some individuals with GPS beacons and sensors to track...

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26 March 2020
Mapping the evolution of the Covid19 epidemic

We are facing a long challenge and, although there is not much we can do about it, we must limit...

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10 May 2019
Multiple selection in ARLAS-wui

Did you know data can be selected by intervals ? Multiple selection All the histograms have a brush to select...

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02 May 2019
Arlas Code Camp

More than a year ago, Gisaïa opened the source code of ARLAS Exploration: an open source solution for exploring and...

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10 April 2019
Time filtering in ARLAS-wui

Did you know there is several ways to filter data by date ? Timeline The timeline is a histogram representing...

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01 April 2019
Share in ARLAS-wui

Did you know data can be shared with ARLAS ? In ARLAS-wui, you can share your current data as a...

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25 March 2019
ARLAS on the pitch

Le PSG et l’Ecole Polytechnique ont lancé le “Sport Analytics Challenge” pour tous les mordus de Machine Learning et de...

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25 March 2019
Layer switcher in ARLAS-wui

Did you know multiple map layers are provided with ARLAS ? As ARLAS is a map centered application, a layer...

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15 March 2019
Bookmarks in ARLAS-wui

Did you know you can save your queries ? In ARLAS-wui, you can save your relevants filters in a bookmark....

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07 March 2019
Filters in ARLAS-wui

Did you know there is a special bar for filters ? In ARLAS-wui, all the filters you apply are summarized...

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