ARLAS WUI v7.2.0 is available!

This release brings new enhancements of the results list and its interaction with the map as well as enhancements of the detailed timeline.

1. Result list

Data-driven styling

A css style which name is driven by fields names/values can be applied to columns, rows, cells of the list. For this version, the ship type cell in each row has the same color of the donut’s arcs and the same color of its corresponding geometry on the map.


It’s possible now to activate a ‘Auto-geosort’ option : each time you drag the map, the rows on the list are sorted according to the closest geometry to the screen center.

Highlighted/selected geometries style

Starting from v6.0.0 of Arlas-wui, geometries on the map are highlighted/selected when you hover/select their corresponding rows on the list.
In this version, highlighted/selected lines have the same color of ship types labels

2. Selection brush on detailed timeline

Starting from v7.0.0 an optional detailed timeline is displayed when you select an interval smaller than 20% of the main timeline extent.
In this version, the selection brush has been added to the detailed timeline which allows you to refine your selections.

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