Arlas Code Camp

More than a year ago, Gisaïa opened the source code of ARLAS Exploration: an open source solution for exploring and analysing Geo Big Data. We actively maintain the solution, all the year long, for our customers and users community.
But our growing ambition for ARLAS made us feel it was time to create a new dynamic in our achievements and immerse our new talents into the product. That’s how came the idea of the ARLAS Code Camp !

All the technical teams went to the Béarn mountains in South-West of France to enjoy an exceptional setting


and a very comfortable work environment designed for small teams collaborations. Once there, we defined our goals, collaborated, co-built and brainstormed a lot about the future of our solution ARLAS. We couldn’t miss either to have fun and enjoy our time while playing Basque Pelota or riding in the mountains with electric bikes..

The ARLAS Code Camp was the opportunity to enlarge and share our vision about ARLAS’s future

 and explore new promising technologies. We integrated in our solution the Machine learning algorithms, designed for Geo Big Data, that we’ve been working on for more than a year. We also added many new features we’ve been considering for a long time.

This results in a tightly-welded team who invested all its energy and is very proud of its work.


We are very thankful to the team of PICNIC (Arette, France) for their super co-creation space and to Joy Food (Oloron, France) for the delicious and flavourful meals and to the Escarain family for their cozy farm!

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